Tuesday, October 13, 2009

When is it the end?

Here is the conversation between me and my wife last night on the bed...

Me: My dear love. How are you?

Her: What do you want?

Me (with very soft and romantic tone): You know. My camera isn't working right lately and I think it can't handle my work load.

Her: Which camera are you talking about?

Me: The one I got 13 months ago.

Her: Isn't it the one you also told me the same excuse 13 months ago and asked my approval to get?

Me: Well, but you know, this new camera is different. It's Lecia S2.

Her: So?

Me: Well, it has 37.5 megapixel, which is HUGE, and also...

(my wife doesn't know anything about photography, so I have to speak like a salesman in Best Buy and start throw in some photography terms which makes her confuse, and also at the same time makes her feel this camera is the best)

Her: How much is it?

Me: Well, in here the website it said... 28 WHAT???? Forget it Honey. Good night"