Sunday, October 25, 2009

Photo Expo Plus in New York City

I just came back from the Photo Expo Plus in the city. I can sum up a few things about the show this year:

First of all, a big huge applause to Canon this year. Vendors such as Nikon or Epson still hand out plastic or paper bags to the visitors as usual. This year, Canon handed out the recycle bag or "GREEN" bag to us. " GREEN, PEOPLE, GREEN!

I met Ms. Yoshie Yazawa from Pictorico / Mitsubishi Imaging again and she still remember who i am! I must admit that she is a big asset in the Mitsubishi Imaging, and whoever hired her at the beginning, he/she did deserve the big credit. I consider myself a small customer and honestly I spend about $500 on their products so far, mostly on their Gekko Green, Red paper and the Unryu paper. Because of her, i will even more consider using their product from now on than Moab or even Epson!

The size of this convention in Javis Center is getting smaller. I noticed that a few of big vendors didn't show up such as Fuji, Polaroid (of cux they are no longer in the instant film business) or Adobe (maybe Adobe hasn't get his CS5 done yet on time).

Kodak booth is getting smaller as well. They are still giving out their 120 roll film, and a lot of people lined up to get one? Wonder how many of these people will really use it, or they may try to save it for the ebay in the future if Kodak decide no longer to make those.

Sony is coming strong this year and is trying to compete with Nikon and Canon. For now, personally i think i still have more confident on their HDTV than their DSLR camera line. But their Cyber Shot camera is not bad since I have been using it for the past 5 years.

I finally get a hand on the Nikon Coolpix S1000pj, a camera with a build-in projector built in the front. So you can have a slide show right on the wall, instant the back screen as usual. But I will wait until its second or even the third improved version, then I may consider to have one.

Leica has a small space but showing a 28k camera body with 6k lens, which also offered the 3 years payment plan.

More and more hardcover book liked photo album printing service available and are getting very competitive.

Only a few wedding props vendors.

Gary Fong is in person and I listened to his 20 mins demo of his new product. I am impressed by his new invention which is a roll cage (to protect the camera) / Table top stand for the point and shoot. I am sure it is going to be another hit from Gary. But honestly, I still more enjoy his wedding works.

I missed the Polaroid honestly, because it did remind me about 8 years ago my wife and I had won the sitting in front of a 20x24 Polaroid Camera and a black and white print in the same convention. I can't believe it has been so many years when I went back home and looked at that print again.

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