Saturday, October 17, 2009

Discovering treasures in my old hard drive part 2

These are another set of "treasures" found from my external hard drive.

It is still surreal for me whatever happened on that day, but it was part of history now. It was the part of history all the people don't want to see it again in anywhere in anytime.

Unfortunately, people in other countries still suffering.

I didn't want to be there on that day when I looked back, but SOMEONE made me there and needed me to record the history.

I don't want to detail whatever I saw or witnessed on that day because it was not the history i would like to recall about it.

"And the dream we would conceived in
Will reveal a joyful face
And the world we once believed in
Will shine again in grace
Then why do we keep strangling life
Wound this earth, crucify it's soul
Though it's plain to see, this world is heavenly
Be God's glow. "

- from Michael Jackson's "Heal The World"

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