Saturday, October 24, 2009

4 inches apart- (personal blog to the incoming)

Hello ______ :

We met again in the ultrasound room yesterday. You and I are only 4 inches apart, and you have no idea but we are not ready to meet in person yet. It is really funny because I know you are in there.

The doctor let us heard your heartbeat and she said it is very strong. Then she showed us your private part, I am really sure yours will be growing as "like father like son".

Do you know that I called you "panda" yesterday? Because you did look like one when i see your face in the monitor. There were two big shadow on your face from the ultrasound, and exactly image of "Panda" is the first thing came to my mind.

The doctor also said you are only 1 lb, and I believe your mommy did feed you well. Mommy didn't know how much is 1 lb and I told her you are like my half filled coffee mug. I tried my best to feed both of you because I want to make sure you will be a very strong one.

Few days ago I visited the library and borrowed some of Anne Geddes's book. No doubt you are going to be my exclusive model, and shuttle clicking sound will be non-stopped. Oh, i forgot, family portrait will be done in every week in different location.

We haven't get you a name yet, but I will tell you when I see you another 12 weeks.

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