Friday, October 2, 2009

Moon Cake Advertising

It has been about 4 years since I was commissioned to design the Moon Cake poster for the Tai Pan Bakery, a well known bakery store among the Chinese community in New York.

I am honored to see it again this year in the newspaper this morning. and it does remind me the a few funny thing during the working process of the poster, such as:

- Massive photoshop retouch for each items in the poster (The original poster contain more items compare to this newspaper advertising version);

- Endless time to find the right Chinese name for each kind of moon cake (since I don't know how to type in Chinese. I have to search the word in the internet to try to figure out each word correctly.);

- After the initial photo session is done for the first day, the owner insisted I should keep the entire collection of the moon cake as a gift (it was the only time in my life to have at least 18 different kind of mooncakes at once).

- The triangle shape fish fin is fake. I manged to have a block of wood shredded. After some craftsmanship, airbrush, and photoshop skill, it came out a very look alike the real one.

Hmmm....i am hungry now.

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