Monday, October 19, 2009

The First Official Autumn Foliage Photo 2009

Between the period of early Oct to Mid Nov is a good time to photograph autumn foliage. All of my amateur and professional photographer friends already planned to visit and spend a weekend or two to photograph in other state such as Vermont or New England.

Since this year I prefer to stay in New York if possible for personal reason, so getaway trip by myself won't be a good idea for me except if it is a job related.

I am very lucky to live in Westchester, where it is famous for the autumn foliage scenery during the month of late September and October. It is like you have your huge Monet painting in your backyard.

Since I have been photographing foliage for the past 15+ years, so it is time for me to move on to create something unique other than plain foliage photographs. I sort of have the idea what i want to concentrate on this year's foliage theme and style but as always, idea always develop while photographing. So in a few weeks I should have something nice to come out.

So consider this is the preview of my first official 2009 autumn foliage photo.

Images originally posted by Joseph Ng and Joseph Ng Studio. Images may not be used without permission Copyright © 2009 by Joseph Ng. All rights reserved