Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Goldman Sach Dragon Boat Team 2009

This morning Simmi send me two PDF file which are from the Goldman Sachs (GS) site. One is for the U.S. Internal, and the other one for the GS worldwide. I am honored to see they used the photos I did for their GS Dragon Boat Team in this year's Dragon Boat festival in Flushing, NY.


I specially love the photo which was shot when the GS team crossed the finish line. I had 3 frames captured the moment, but this one really had their energy and emotion out.

Is this a good photo? Well, compare to a lot of finish line crossing photos from the sport photographers or Sports Illustrated, this photo sucks.

But I like it, because my wife was there, and she was the pacer too, Period.

There was n0 doubt I have my personal feelings attached during this assignment. Well, technically, it was an unpaid, must do, better good shots or die assignment directly ordered from Simmi.

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